The 2020 DriveIn Live Nativity is getting underway with excitement from FBCC volunteers, as well as, the community.


This event will be in our church parking lot on December 18-20, from 6:00-8:30.  Cars will enter the property, and line up to view the Live Nativity in drivein theater style.  As they are in line, we will have Biblical Characters, Roman Guards, Old Fashioned Carolers and Christmas Lights!  While the 40 cars are parking in the DriveIn Theater area, they will be serenaded by our famous WTB puppets.  Once parked, the attendees will hear the story of the birth of Jesus, as characters act it out on a 4 foot high stage.  We will have the Holy Family, Shepherds, Angels, some animals, and 3 Kings in the live nativity.  During this event, we will have Biblical Characters handing out goodie bags to each car, and special crafts for the kids in the cars.  At the end of the Nativity story, our Pastor will give the Gospel Story!  What an exciting night this will be. 


See you soon at the DRIVE-IN
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